Support DIN_LANG output without print margins (cropped)


In some cases it is impossible to position an image output to (0,0) (lower left corner) of an A4 document. Printer margin settings prevent doing so. We encountered this issue in Access Reports for instance. There will be other technologies with same Issue.

Therefore this ticket is about providing the DIN_LANG output as a "cropped" variant. That said, it is the same output as DIN_LANG except that the print margins are cropped away on three sides: left, right, bottom.

The size of DIN_LANG is 210 x 105 mm

DIN_LANG_CROPPED is 200 x 100 mm (5mm print margins removed)

or in case "additional print margin option is used: 198 x 99 mm

DIN_LANG_CROPPED will be supported for raster graphics only. PDF support is not yet needed.

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Claude Gex


Claude Gex

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